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Ithaka Scarf (Blues)


Image of Ithaka Scarf (Blues)
  • Image of Ithaka Scarf (Blues)
  • Image of Ithaka Scarf (Blues)
  • Image of Ithaka Scarf (Blues)
  • Image of Ithaka Scarf (Blues)

Earlier this year I found myself thinking about the possibility of printing the poem 'Ithaka' by Greek poet Constantine Cavafy onto a scarf - one of my favourite poets & a poem which has inspired me since I was given the collected poems by C.P. Cavafy as a present in 1984.

I discovered that although Cavafy died in 1933, the copyright resided with one of the two surviving translators - Professor Edmund Keeley. I wrote to him via Princeton University in the U.S. At the time it felt like a shot in the dark, but to my great surprise and pleasure, Professor Keeley and Princeton University Press Permissions Department have granted me a licence to print the poem onto a limited edition of up to twenty cashmere scarves.

The design and colours are inspired by the poem and the North Devon coastline where I live and work & the colour of each of these five scarves is a unique shade of blue. Every scarf is printed in a single colour although screen-printed using three silk screens, using Acid dyes valued in the textile industry for their vibrant colour and fastness onto animal fibres, therefore keeping the incredibly soft handle of the cashmere.

I have now printed eleven unique scarves (six greys and five blues), ten of which are for sale here.

To read the poem Ithaka along with an insightful description of its meaning by Maria Gonzales De Leon. Copy and paste the link below into your browser:


100% Woven Cashmere
Hand printed in Devon by Sam Pickard
200 cms x 70 cms (approx)
Five unique shades of Blue

Please select the scarf number in the option box. (Once a scarf is sold - that colour/number will no longer be available).

Free postage in the UK.
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